Madeira Tours

Discover Madeira through your various senses and maximize your visit by joining these special tours!! They will unveil you the highlights of Madeira island: the blue sea, the centenarian laurel forest, the majestic mountains and the sweet Madeira wine!

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  • Whale & Dolphin Watching

    Madeira, as an island, is surrounded by sea and its warm waters attract dolphins, whales and seabirds. Get onboard for a memorable experience close to marine wildlife and for nice views of Madeira sea cliffs!

  • Laurel Forest Tour

    Up in the mountains the lush evergreen Laurel trees compose Madeira's native forest which, together with the Levadas (water channels for irrigation) enframe amazing landscapes and are home of unique species of plants, birds and butterflies 

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  • Madeira Wine Tour

    Madeira wine reputation dates back to the XV century. Its production and a sip of the different varieties of this fortified wine can unveil some of Madeira's lifestyle, culture and tradition.

  • Birds & Landscape Tour

    The volcanic origin of Madeira moulded the island with big contrasts, from luxuriant green mountains to a golden arid peninsula. Birds and butterflies lead you through this diversity.

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  • Your Private Tour

    Apprise about your wishes and get a tailor made Madeira tour run at your pace! A knowledgeable tour leader and comfortable vehicle exclusive for you/your group to guide you through Madeira's allures, previously chosen by you.

  • New Year's Fireworks Cruise

    If you're saluting the New Year in Madeira you must watch the fireworks display is at sea! Come onboard to toast to a new year and for a holistic view of Funchal's amphitheatre spattered with bright colors.

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Why choose these Madeira tours?

To make the most of your experience these tours are run with small groups up to 8 people if on land or up to 12 people if at sea. Your tour leaders are locals, friendly, good English speakers and very knowledgeable about Madeira nature, culture and history. Safety is a prime matter and so tours are always dependable on weather and sea conditions. 

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